Start reaching new and repeat customers on and off amazon with amazon's demand side platform.

With more granular demographic targeting and better timing on remarking DSP is the best way to scale your brand through a sticking point

How DSP Works and Why You Should Use It

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

With the ability to reach customers outside of amazon you can connect with your target audience wherever they are giving you better reach and brand awareness.

Amazon's standard sponsored ads has always been limited by it's reach, DSP solves this issue by expanding targeting to all of amazon's affiliate websites.

Make Decisions Based On In Depth Metrics

Knowledge is half the battle and with DSP we have access to more data than ever before. This means we connect with the right people in the right places at the right times.

DSP gives us the tools to remarket that 30 day supply of multivitamins 26-35 days after the first purchase while their browsing through a documentary about healthy eating.

More Affordable Than Ever

With amazon's DSP service cost rising to over $50,000 it's becoming harder and harder for most brands to justify starting a DSP campaign.

We are far more flexible and offer rates as low as a $10k a month meaning you can test the market in a much safer and controlled manner.

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