Brand Registry on Amazon

March 9, 2021

What does it mean to register your brand on Amazon

Brand registry on Amazon is all about enabling you to build and protect your brand. What does this really mean and how does it work? We’ll explain that, and also exactly what steps and information will be required from you.

There are currently more than 500,000 brands registered with Amazon. Why would you become another?

Brand registry on Amazon – why do it?

If you register brands with Amazon, it essentially helps you to protect your brand.

So, you will become the only person who can sell your brand on Amazon.

Your brand will become exclusively registered to you.

This means you’re in control of what adverts and what content is out there relating to your brand. You can protect your brand equity. You’re in full control of the sales and marketing process. Any fraudulent activity from other sellers can be easily shut down. In these ways, you are in control of your customer experience. You’re therefore in far more control of the feedback and reviews that you receive.

For example, you do not want someone to buy your product from another vendor, have a poor experience in the process, then write terrible reviews about your product online. If you control the marketing and sales process on Amazon, you can prevent poor experiences. And at the very least, you learn from any mistakes that do happen.

What features are available if you register brand with Amazon?

You can benefit from rich text and images on the Amazon detail page. This can help to potentially increase traffic and sales.

You can increase your brand awareness (people who know and recognise your brand) with ads that feature your logo. They can also feature a custom headline and up to three products. All from your brand family of products.

You can promote your products and your brand with your own multi-page store on Amazon. This is for free!

Amazon will also share ‘brand analytics’ with you. This essentially gives you more data to learn about your customers and common search terms used to find your brand and products.

You can ensure the listings of your products on Amazon are accurate. This is because you will be the only one to promote them. This exclusivity also enables you to more easily shut down any listings that aren’t yours.

In addition, Amazon have some measures in place to proactively detect and remove any content or listings that appear to be like yours. Amazon claims that 6 million imitator accounts have been proactively shut down, along with 10 billion listings. If your brand is not registered with them, they’re unable to do this.

Register Brand with Amazon

What steps are required to register brands with Amazon?

There’s firstly the eligibility aspect. Your brand must have a registered trademark. This could be a text-based or image-based trademark. These registered trademarks must be valid within each country that you want exclusive rights to sell on Amazon with. Pending trademark applications can be filed via the Amazon IP Accelerator.


Enrolling so that you can register brands with Amazon

How to enrol, so you can register brand with Amazon

  1. Either log in with your Seller or Vendor Central log-in details.
  2. If you don’t have these yet, you create your account (for free).
  3. You provide the brand name/s that has a registered trademark issued from one of the government offices from the relevant countries listed above that we shared
  4. Then you enter the trademark registration number/s
  5. Choose which product categories are relevant to your brand/s
  6. List the countries where you branded products are manufactured and where they’re sold to (distributed)
  7. Amazon then take steps to verify your rights and legitimacy as the brand owner
  8. The verified owner (deemed by Amazon) will be sent a verification code
  9. That’s it. The brand registry on Amazon process will be complete!

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. If you need support with significantly maximising your efficiencies and profits with Amazon – please get in touch with us and one of our consultants will be in touch with you.

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